Love (white) spell is an easy impact on the energy of another person, without resorting to dark forces. Such a love spell does not harm, does not affect consciousness, will and psyche. This is the best option for speeding up the process, if, for example, a man is not determined or the feelings have cooled down. A man or a guy in this case realizes that a woman is dear to him, but remains himself and does not feel that someone is controlled.

White spell can be done and independently, but it is better to turn to professionals in this area. A white magician Diana will perform a love spell without harm and consequences.
Several ways to accomplish the spell:
– a love spell in a photo (easy and effective way)
– spell on a candle (a magical ritual)
– church spell (crosses, icons, lamps, prayers)
– spell on flowers (love plots on bouquets or potted plants)

Lapel (damage to love) – a magical ritual, aimed at changing attitudes toward the object of love. Only an experienced magician with higher powers can remove a lapel. Corruption gradually intensifies and captures all spheres of life. Do not delay the solution of this issue.
Signs of spoilage or lapel:
– Sudden and sharp deterioration in the attitude towards a loved one.
– Sleep disorder, anxiety.
– Thirst for alcohol.
– Impairment of physical and psychological health.
– Problems at work, loss of interest in the family.
– Loss of sexual interest.

Lapels are different in action and content (failure, loneliness, frigidity).
If you feel that a person close to you has dramatically changed for the worse or loses interest in life – as soon as possible, seek help from an experienced fortune teller and healer Diana.

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